Use the Unexpected in Your Garden

When refurbishing, and redecorating a house, many people feel guilty about all the waste that seems to occur. Worn down dressers, old doors, rickety wooden chairs, weathered window frames are just a few of the items that commonly get the boot. And though you can try to donate some of these pieces, it can be more than a little ambitious to think that they can be resurrected to exist in their original glory, or even a functioning form.

For many people, the guilt of putting all the old furniture and carpet off cuts straight into the skip is only brought up when seen through someone else's eyes. In our case, many of those whom we have employed to carry out the odd few nanny jobs whilst we take a break from the house, have been struck by the progress we had made in such a short time and how much waste there was. Various nannies have done us countless favours and taken away many of the items that are still usable and yet we no longer want to have. I almost feel too embarrassed to ask them anymore! So last Friday night a new solution came to light for the unwanted pieces. We had a nanny over and we came back to find that one of our old wicker laundry baskets had been placed in the garden as part of a game with the children.

People can spend a lot of money getting rid of furniture. A new home, that you may not have considered for them could be your very own garden. Old furniture, with its peeling paint, and nicks can look splendid in a flourishing garden, and can blend in easily to give the space structure and romance. So, before kicking all of the demolition materials to the curb, along with broken down furniture, try to visualize them amongst the hydrangea and Gerber daisies. Then there will be no sad goodbyes, just many more years together.