Gain Inspiration From the Grand Homes of the Victorian Era

My son recently announced that his immediate family would be expanding, and with that they would need a new home. Immediately we started to investigate what his property options were.  We quickly became familiar with what is commonly called the “Queen of the Suburbs”. Funny little name I think, to go with this interesting borough.

The area’s history is frankly fascinating to me, and some of its modern day quirks equally curious. Personally, I adore the Victorian emphasis throughout the area, as it is very different from the style of our smallish village. Such a large grouping of large scale family homes is somewhat of a rarity to find today.  Many of those which existed in most of London’s suburbs have been converted into dormitory like accommodations.

The search continues, but even after they have found a house, my investigating will continue into the area. For, once out new grandbaby has been born we are of course going to scurry to spend as much time as possible with he or she. Secretly, I will also look forward to continuing to exploring the area further and its special architecture.