Stop Taking Your Shoes Off at the Door

When you move into a new house, with brand new carpets, and spic and span rugs you vow to take your dirty shoes off at the front door. You may even buy slippers to put on immediately after you take off the outdoor only shoes. But, unless you are much better than me this promise fades away as daily life takes over, as it always does.

Then, as you shuffle from room to room, day after day you coat your rugs and carpets with offensive stuff that lurks on the bottom of your shoes. You know it too, because you see it on the bottom of your socks after you walk on the floor in your kitchen. And just think, you actually sweep and mop in there, so the thought of what exactly is on your other floor coverings echoes through your mind.

Well, I stared too long at the bottom of my socks recently, and decided I had to take action. I remembered my mom having hired some contraption after I spilled grape juice on her couch many years ago. It had gotten the stain out of the upholstery, and saved me from serious punishment. Thus, I looked into a carpet cleaner hire. I must say that what I saw being sucked into the machine will revisit me in my nightmares, but now things feel clean again. And in fact, it just makes sense to really clean the carpets every so often, instead of making silly vows and living in denial of what coats the darn things.