Choose Kitchen Lighting to Illuminate Wisely

For those of you looking for some stylish, effective kitchen lighting to place over a kitchen island, listen up. The lights you choose will impact the feeling of this space and how well you can see all those appliances, countertops, and floors you spent forever deciding on. You get it wrong and you, along with the rest of the folks in the house will go away from, instead of gravitating towards the kitchen.

For a contemporary look, go with cylindrical pendant lights in either varying sizes, or identical ones. You can base that choice upon the style of the rest of your kitchen, or on how large the space is that you will be covering. If you choose the various diameters, then stagger their placement, if you select identical ones, a perfectly straight line up works well to produce a crisp look.

It is recommended that you stick to light colours for those pendant light shades. These will allow more light to show through, and thus highlight the upper section of your kitchen along with the lower half. That means it will feel more spacious, and illuminate more features within your design.