Black Bar Stools

Whatever fashions come and go, there is always one colour that has stood the test of time, remaining as fashionable and chic in modern periods as it has been for countless others. Classy and sleek, black is ever popular and will remain in vogue for years to come, working perfectly with retro, traditional and even futuristic design.

Black bar stools are still the largest selling range on the market and with good reason; black works perfectly with any style of decor and can fit into any environment, as well as complementing any other colour. Used sparingly with white, black gives a minimalist look, or it can be used with light tones for startling contrast and visual impact, such as black and cream or black and red stools. It can even be matched with darker shades for an elegant, uniform look. It is also the easiest colour to keep clean, and fares well against stains.

Black bar stools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with designs that match any taste and requirement. For a contemporary edge, resin stools give a modernist appearance and are also very durable and easy to clean. ABS resin is a high impact polymer and is usually found in a high gloss finish, reflecting light of the ergonomically styled seats. ABS is light and impact resistant, with stools either moulded entirely from ABS or used in conjunction with other materials, resulting in egg-chair styles with padded sections and a hard outer shell.

Acrylic Perspex, the other type of resin stool, is very similar to ABS in appearance, but creates much more slender seat designs – whereas ABS stools are often large and three dimensional, acrylic stools utilise a single curving piece of Perspex for a slim appearance.

There are also black wooden stools on the market; crafted from solid wood and lacquered in multiple layers for a rich satin black finish. There are varying styles, from those that give a completely smooth surface, to stunning bentwood designs shaped using traditional techniques and lacquered to showcase the grain for natural beauty and further visual impact.

The styles that prove most desirable however are upholstered stools, which are padded with high density foam to give superb levels of comfort and support. Black faux leather upholstery is the most popular form, giving the grained look and feel of supple leather at a fraction of the cost. It is also very resilient to cleaning solutions and chemicals, making it ideal for busy areas such as breakfast bars and kitchen bars where spillages of all types can easily occur.

Real leather gives an upmarket feel and opulent touch, providing exemplary levels of luxury and an organic feel that enhances is surrounding location. Leather is very tough and resistant to stains, as well as giving a soft, pliant touch. The stunning natural grain and aroma are distinctive to leather and make it all the more desirable, setting it apart from other materials as a range topper.