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Decorating Choices For the Older Home

So you are the proud owner of a grand house. Your love of the traditional style, and the architectural detail stole your heart. Perhaps you bought it in a state of disrepair and plan to nurture it back to health. Or, you found it after it had just been renovated and your role is to […]

Black Bar Stools

Whatever fashions come and go, there is always one colour that has stood the test of time, remaining as fashionable and chic in modern periods as it has been for countless others. Classy and sleek, black is ever popular and will remain in vogue for years to come, working perfectly with retro, traditional and even […]

The Other Useful Tip to Know About Hanging Wall Art

I think we have all looked up the proper way to hang art in our homes, some of us more than once. And even after this, in my family alone, we do not agree. This of course is due to the fact that we do not all agree on what the proper source to rely […]

The Right Way to Set Up Your Kitchen

A lot of homeowners find themselves with a collection of kitchen utensils that they were either given, or snuck from their parents way back when. This is all fine and good, if you have really knowledgeable and generous friends and family, but if you don’t your supply is probably severely lacking. To rectify this, take […]

The Perfect Garden Party Cocktail Unveiled

Hosting a drinks party is always most enjoyable in my opinion in the summer, especially if you have a garden that you love to show off a bit. In the case that you do have one truly enviable garden, and you are eager to celebrate it with your friends by inviting them over for a […]

Get Yourself a New and Improve Cheese Appetizer

One of the most popular things to serve with cocktails is a cheese, whether it be in the form of a wedge, dip, or spread it is a crowd pleaser. But, if you continue to serve the same selection time and time again, things get too repetitious for their own good. Not to mention you […]

Under Cabinet Lights Work to Feature An Impressive Backsplash

So, you spent forever picking the tile for your kitchen backsplash, and think it is the cat’s meow. However, if you do not highlight it properly with under cabinet lighting, then you are missing out. To cut back on charges from your electrician, collect the lights for this project yourself. You should purchase an eight […]

Tips for Broken Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is one of the most popular times to bring out, and light up, candles. A very easy way to dress up plain candles, to make them look festive and beautiful is put them together with Christmas supplies. First, place the candles on a decorative silver or ceramic serving tray. Then wrap tinsel or ribbon […]

The Most Amazing Local Market Find

An item often found at local bric-a-brac markets is wicker furniture. What makes these chairs, stools, side tables, coffee tables, sofas and bookcases so popular is that they are a cinch to refurbish. You can wipe down wicker and quickly, and easily repaint it. There is no need in approaching the usual methods of finding […]

The Best Way to Define Drawer Space

So you were lucky enough to find an armoire, or wardrobe with great big deep drawers. Sure, they will hold tons of stuff, but they are also difficult to keep tidy. One of the most popular things to do is to create dividers to ensure that everything held within remains neat and organized. You can […]