Where to Find The Best Art For a Nursery

Once a couple learns that they are going to be parents, the planning of the baby’s room becomes a prevalent topic in conversation. While celebrities shell out jaw dropping amounts on hand painted murals, and professional interior decorators to create a wonderful environment for baby, it is not necessary. You can define a space just as well with a well defined color palette, and some beautiful framed wall art. The entire amount for the artwork can fall well under a hundred, or even fifty dollars if you are able to find good deals on frames.

Of all of the places where inexpensive art can be powerful, it is a nursery. Just think back to the pages of your favourite children’s books, and already you are familiar with some amazing illustrations. In fact, choosing one of these special books as the source for inspiration for the entire nursery makes tons of sense. Pull the colors you are most drawn to from the images, and then either have copies of those pictures professionally copied onto lovely quality paper, or remove the illustrations directly from the book. Frame these, and a whole world of imagination will unfurl. Just writing about it makes me want to work on the project.