How to Turn a Decorative Splurge Into A Very Useful Discount

All of my life I have dreamed of having a daughter and giving her all the things I missed out on growing up. Specifically, I wanted her to have an outdoor playhouse. Well, I do in fact now have a daughter, and since she is about to have her 5th birthday, we have been looking at some of the most varied children’s playhouses imaginable.

I must say, not even in my most grandiose childhood fantasies did I ever come up with such detailed structures. Some of the playhouses on the market look better than, and may even be larger than my first flat. And with all of those special touches comes a hefty price tag. So, once my daughter decided upon the house that she wanted I let out a huge sigh of relief, because I can get it through Tesco and get clubcard points for the large purchase.

Never did I ever think I would invest in a playhouse that would be so expensive, or extravagant. But it is the one she wants. I guess there is a part that does soften the blow. Looks Iike I can rack up points on a clubcard that can go on to a tesco finance car insurance plan. After splurging on the playhouse it is somehow cleansing to know some part of the expense went toward the responsible act of having lowered the price of my car insurance.